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We write the application for you and you own the code. We will provide clean well-commented source code that should be easily understandable for a qualified developer. Additionally, we could provide training for new developers and create comprehensive documentation with the required level of detail.

Depending on the solution, the program will be run locally or on the cloud server. In both cases, you will own the program and have full access to the servers and code. Alternatively, you may choose to host your application on our server we would be responsible for the server security and provide required maintenance and software updates.

All the applications we develop for you belong to you including source code.

Yes, we provide the training. Our standard model is to train a trainer, and we are able to provide training to all the users as well as create detailed manuals at the client request.

Yes, we guarantee that all our solutions come free from errors. In the unlikely event of discovering an error or a bug, we will fix the software free of charge.

Our standard response time is two hours for non-crucial issues and half an hour for crucial issues during the working hours, and two hours for critical issue during after hours.

We will be glad to help after hours for critical issues only with our guaranteed response time in two hours.

Yes, your data is safe with us. We have a team of security specialists who are constantly monitoring our servers for any threats. Please keep in mind that after we deliver our solution to you it will be located on your servers and undertake the same security risks as any other data on the server, but we are always ready to help.

We would recommend immediately notify us and/or your administrator so that we could help to safeguard the data.

All the data is fully backed up and saved during the development process. Once the solution is delivered it would become the customer data and should be included in your routine backup process. We would be glad to assist you in setting your data backup if you need it.

We have been in the situation when competitor/hackers were trying to forcefully take over control of the servers we support and we proud to inform that in all cases we were able to successfully defend our servers. It would be extremely important to notify us about an attack as soon as possible to let our security team to protect the servers and data.

We would recommend immediately notify us and/or your administrator that we could help to safeguard the data.

It depends on the clients and security needs and requirements. Usually all updates happen after hours and with prior notification.

Remember, it is your data and you would have full unlimited access to it. All the data is kept securely on the server in the format of the Database and could be easily exportable. Even we would be sad to see you leaving, we would provide our full support to help you.

It would not be a problem. We have extended experience to integrate different software in the one workflow by creating a custom interface (API).

Absolutely, depending on the situation we will develop an interface that would allow both applications to communicate as long as you have access to the other software data.

It's easy. Just fill in the contact us form. You can also call us.

To answer this question we must know the specifications, requirements, your needs and other details. Creating a simple website that will serve as a presentation for your business is much easier than developing a complex website which offers possibility to do mathematical calculations, manage big databases and so on. We'll give an approximate answer about a timeline after we learn the basic needs for your project.

No, you don't need any specific knowledge. All we need for you is to describe any specific features or requests, and we will make sure to make it happen for your website.

Usually the future owner of a website does some research, looks for the best domain name and buys it, but we certainly can help you, if you feel uneasy with this process.

Absolutely! In today's world it is an important requirement, so yes we do provide solutions for both desktop and mobile.

No, but we can recommend you a good hosting service. There are a few very good and reliable hosting services throughout the world.

Yes, of course. You'll have full access to the final product and will be able to change passwords and restrict access to others.

Only if you ask us to do so, for example, if you want us to update the site or to modify some features. You always can cancel access.

If we're talking about all the actions needed to launch and make your website public, we can help you to successfully go through the whole process.

We don't charge our customers for an evaluation. But we can give you the costs only after we evaluate every aspect of what kind of website you want , as every website is different and every website requires different efforts.

Absolutely. We don't serve you with unexpected bills, and we don't have any “hidden extra fees”. We'll analyze, evaluate, determine and discuss the final sum before we start working, so you will know exactly what you will have to pay without any surprises.

Yes, our pricing policy is very flexible. However, let's remind you that we can't name the exact fee for our services before we analyze the project and define all the requirements. Some of the websites will require only a week of efforts or so, some other will need up to a month, and all of this reflects on the costs. Rest assured that we won’t overcharge you, and you will pay reasonable and fair fees.

Yes, we can support and update your website, as well as change its features as time go on. Besides as we've already stated, our Pricing policy is very flexible.

We accept Chase Quick payments, Paypal, Venmo and other popular and known methods of payment. We will of course provide the invoice and receipt.